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Friday, March 19, 2021

Call on Albany

Start Date: 3/11/2021 9:00 AM EST
End Date: 3/19/2021 5:00 PM EDT

United States 

Organization Name: Trucking Association of New York

Jennifer Andrelos, Executive Assistant
Email: jandrelos@nytrucks.org
Phone: (518) 458-9696

We might not be able to actually “Call on Albany” but the goal is still the same. 

Your voice is important, and our legislators need to hear from you. In fact, advocating on behalf of your company and our industry is even more critical as our nation works through this pandemic to ensure you are heard. While we cannot walk the halls of the Capitol of Legislative Office Building this year, or shake hands with your representatives, we can connect with members and staff over the phone or via video conference, and we are asking that you help us do so.

Join TANY as we discuss key priorities such as proposed commercial GPS mandates, increase parkway fines, workforce development initiatives and Highway Use Tax relief. Additional issues including the NYC Congestion Pricing Plan and the I-81 viaduct project will also be discussed.

TANY staff will be present in each meeting to facilitate the conversation, however, the spotlight will be on you and the specific issues you would like to bring.

A legislative briefing will be scheduled about a week prior to the event to prepare for the virtual visits.