Bestpass, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NYSMTA. Bestpass was originally formed to provide motor carriers with toll savings over and above what was offered by the New York State Thruway Authority. Bestpass has expanded its services far beyond a toll savings program offering participating carriers:
Enhanced discounts
          - 24% for all NYS Thruway tolls
          - 10% on the New Jersey & Pennsylvania Turnpike
          - 20% on Maryland toll facilities
          - Access to additional discounts on the MTA Bridges & Tunnels
Automated Misread Identification Service (AMIS): Bestpass data indicates that 3% of toll usage results in a misread.  On average, not disputing these misreads results in a 60% higher bill.  Using technology developed by Bestpass incorrect toll charges for NY Thruway tolls and PA Turnpike tolls are listed on a separate page of Bestpass invoices. After correction and submission back to Bestpass. Bestpass applies for toll credits to go back to the carrier. This feature will be available for other state and agency tolls in the near future.
A single transponder for toll and weigh station bypass.
Tolling by truck number: Truck numbers are now assigned referencing the E-ZPass tag number for both the prepaid and postpaid tolls.
Single source contact: All issues are now handled by the customer service department at Bestpass. Customers no longer need to call E-ZPass or the Thruway Authority for any reason.
Full Featured Web: Bestpass customers may now access their account, manage vehicles, make payments, download tolls and order transponders online.
Combined statements to include all E-ZPass, NCPass and NORPASS trip data and charges.
To learn more, visit Bestpass at