Certification Programs

2-Day Certification Courses
Two-day courses run from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day and require a class of 12-16 participants. The courses are a combination of classroom and hands-on training. A certification exam is given at the end of the second day. The host company receives up to 10% off for its participants.  
Heavy Advanced Braking Systems (HABS)                                                                        
This course is intended to meet the needs of the in-service heavy vehicle technician and includes an ABS module.  The course will enable the technician to service, repair, maintain and diagnose major types of heavy vehicle brake systems; introduce heavy vehicle brake system theory, operation, and inspection to the in-service technician; generically define the various types of braking systems; and convey to the technician the importance of proper brake servicing.  Certification in Brake Repair is provided upon successful completion of the course, in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 396.25.
Fundamental Electrical & Electronics Training (FEET)                                   
This course provides the fundamental electrical principles and hands-on experience necessary to diagnose and repair vehicle systems including suspension, transmission, ABS brake systems and climate control. Technicians will develop a practical knowledge of electricity, while learning to understand electrical systems and operations, identify electrical components and functions, and diagnose vehicle electrical problems. Battery functions, charging systems, starting systems and meter usage are incorporated into the course. Certification in Fundamental Electrical & Electronics Systems is provided upon successful completion of the course.                

4-Hour Trainings
Four-hour trainings take place at various times based on need. A minimum number of attendees is needed for these trainings. A discount of up to 10% is offered to the company who hosts the event.
Heavy Duty Brake Adjustment Training (HDBA)                                                              
This training is intended for drivers and other personnel to meet brake adjustment requirements. This training covers basic understanding of an air brake system in order to instill the importance of a properly functioning brake system.
Vehicle Inspection Training                                                                                     
This training is intended for drivers and other personnel involved in meeting DOT out-of-service and inspection criteria. This training emphasizes responsibilities to maintain safe operating vehicles. It is a combination "hands-on" and classroom training to help identify areas, systems and components that can cause safety issues and cause drivers to receive roadside inspection violations or be put “out of service.”
Preventative Maintenance/CSA                                                                             
This 4-hour training is designed to show the importance of a good preventative maintenance program and its impact on a company’s CSA score. Included in the training is familiarization with CSA and the severity of various violations, what to expect at roadside inspections, and how to equip technicians and drivers with good preventative maintenance skills so problem areas are addressed before they become violations at roadside inspections. 
You: The Inspector                                                                                                     
This 4-hour training walks participants through roadside inspection violations, and challenges them to take the role of an inspector, through hands-on experience during the training. With instruction from a master technician and commercial vehicle enforcement inspectors, participants won’t just think they understand violations, they will be certain they do and will know exactly how their vehicles will fare during a roadside inspection.